With 2013 nearing it's closing, the team has had an extremely successful season.. At the 2013 Caleb Moore Atv Pro Challenge, three Granger Racing riders competed in 4 difference classes with 5 top 5 Moto finishes and all top 10 overalls... It was a great weekend of racing and we want to thank the TQRA and Austin Wilson for making this event a success!!! At the LSQR awards ceremony the team took home our 5 championships plus the addition of Johannah Vossman achieving the Hard Charger award and Blake Granger being names 2013 LSQR Rider of the year!!!! An awesome closing to 2013... We want to thank our sponsors and supports for a great 13 season and we can't wait till 2014!!!! 
The 2013 LSQR season has come to an end!! The team is walking away with 5 Championships in A , B, Junior 25-34, Schoolboy, and Women's!!!! The team has also accomplished a 2nd overall in Pro am and Women's and 3rd overall in A and Collegeboy!!! With 2013 in the books, the team now focuses on the Caleb Moore Memorial Race in October and that will finish off 2013!!! We can not wait to see what 2014 has in store for us and can't wait to see everyone at Underground in October!!! 
The team had a blast over at Loretta Lynn's Atv Mx National!!! Rain or shine, we could have not asked for a better experience!!! From Granger taking a top 5 Moto 2 finish in Open A to Vossman almost holeshoting his first 450 B Moto!!!! DeRouen came out swinging in his first Moto of Schoolboy Jr taking 4th underpowered on only a 250!! With the first race ghitters out of the way, the team is looking solid for 2014 and on!!!! 
Rio Bravo was an amazing weekend with with overalls in 4 classes.. Granger dominated Pro Am and A, Blood 1-1 Women's, and Poupart taking Junior (25-34)... Looks like the team will be taking home A, Junior 25-34, Schoolboy, and Women's class titles with the possibility of Pro Am and B!!! We have had an amazing local 2013 season and hope the results continue on to Loretta's!!! The team is locked and loaded and off to Hurricane Mills, TN. WISH US LUCK!!!!!
The team is coming of a solid weekend of training over at Cowboy Badlands Mx and ready for round 7 LSQR over at Rio Bravo Mx!!! Tyler Summers is down from Canada training Tommy and Johannah Vossman preparing for the teams trip to Loretta's!!! It will be a busy two weeks and the team is stoked!!! Thomas Coutee is recovering from a successful surgery and hopes to be ready to rock for Loretta's... 
Injury Update, Thomas Coutee had a small get off at the last TQRA race and resulted in a broken collar bone... We wish Thomas a speedy recovery and hope to see him back soon!!! This weekend the team will be out at Cowboy Badlands for another Saturday Night Quad Race... Bikes are ready see you guys out there!!! Next weekend we will be heading up to Rio Bravo Mx or the next round of LSQR racing!!! 
This weekend the team will be out at Cowboy Badlands Mx for a first ever quad night race on the front track!! We can't wait to rip a fun track and hope to see everyone there !!!
Enjoy the recent pictures of our team!
  5 July 2013
We hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend!! The team is coming of an amazing weekend of racing!! Splendora was amazing as usual and the team came home with 6 podiums not to mention Thomas's coutee 2nd place over at TQRA's Raw Mx.. On the bad side Grangers, Kayla, and Johannah's bikes are down and had to borrow bikes! Of course team mates come threw and Granger rode vossman's yami, Kayla on Jackson's Honda, and Johannah on DeRouen's yami... A month off of racing and on to Loretta's and Rio Bravo... 
  26 June 2013
The weekend is almost here and the team is ready to rip round 6 LSQR over at Splendora Mx!!! Pit shirts are in, bikes are ready, look for a great weekend!!! Thomas will be making the drive this weekend up to Oklahoma for the TQRA race over at Raw Mx!! He is taking his drop race at LSQR in hopes to finish in the top three in both TQRA and LSQR!!! Hope to see everyone out at Splendora!!!!  
  15 June 2013
The team is headed out to Three Palms MX for a weekend of training and hanging with friends!! Looking for a good weekend and building for round 6 LSQR over at Splendora Mx.
Update: Take a few laps around Cowboy Badlands with Granger..
Shout out to GoPro for the support and making these videos possible!!
   3 June 2013
Another successful weekend over at LSQR Rd. 5 at Cowboy Badlands Mx.. The entire team did outstanding and we are proud to announce the addition of Virus Racing to our amazing list of sponsors!!! Granger came out swinging winning his first 3 motos taking the A overall and 2nd overall in Pro am.. Thomas took his new Virus/Granger Racing ltr out front winning B and Collegeboy.. Little Ronnie had a tough start in school boy to come back to win the second moto for 3rd overall!! To top that, his first ever B race on a 450 wins the first moto!! Kayla winning women's with Johannah following in 2nd. Baxley taking a solid 3rd in A and Vossman having a dnf first moto and 5th second moto B.. It was an amazing weekend on a great track!!!
  28 May 2013
The team had a great weekend of training over at Down South Mx and Gravity Alley Mx.. The crew is ready for round 5 LSQR over at Cowboy Badlands Mx.. Tommy is back 100% after a wrist injury and is looking strong and ready to compete in B... See ya in Beaumont!!!
  24 May 2013
The weekend is finally here!! Tommy, Johannah, and Thomas will be down south staying with Granger for three solid days of training.. Three different tracks in three days!! Perfect... We wished to make nationals but 20 plus hours away is just to far, we will keep our plans of attending Loretta's!!  
  21 May 2013
The team had a blast over at Underground Mx.. Track was one of the roughest yet, making for some great racing.. Granger came out swinging in A winning both moto's and taking 5th in pro am.. Coutee took a solid 2-2 in B having a last place start in Moto 2.. Baxley fought threw shifting problems to take 5th in A with Kayla taking 3rd overall in women's!! The team had a great weekend and can't wait for round 5 LSQR over at Cowboy Badlands Mx!! 
  13 May 2013
The team is anxious and ready to head up to Kemp Tx for round 4 TQRA over at Underground Mx!! The team finally had a weekend off with rain covering the entire south!! Everyone is healthy and ready to mix it up!! Shout out to Joel Hetrick with a broken collar bone, the team wishes you a speedy recovery.
  7 May 2013
Round 4 was an awesome weekend for our team!! With 6 overalls and 10 podiums total, the team had a extremely successful weekend over at B and C Mx Park.. The team will be taking a weekend off to regroup and prepare for rd 4 TQRA at Underground Mx!! We would like to thank all our 2013 sponsors for there support!!  
  2 May 2013
Friday is almost here!! Round 4 LSQR over at BNC Moto Park has arrived and the team is loaded and ready!! Vossman is back from injury and ready to compete for the B championship!! Baxley is now rolling a 13 yfz450 thanks to Cycle Shack!! Everyone is healthy and ready, see ya at the starting gate!!! 
  30 April 2013
Round 3 of the Atv Mx Nationals was another storm show!! The team was able to practice and qualify before a massive storm soaked Ballance Mx from Saturday morning to Sunday night.. Granger grabbed 4th spot in 450 A qualifying before decided to salvage his equipment from a mud race. Coutee broke his nerf bar in sat morning practice which also took him out of contention.. The team had a great time and met great people over in Kentucky and will be at BNC for round 4 of LSQR this weekend in Beaumont TX..  
  24 April 2013
Wednesday is finally here, hoping for good weather the team is loaded up and heading out to Ballance Mx in Oakland, Ky!! Granger, Coutee, Poupart, DeRouen, and Blood will be racing!! Wish us luck 
  21 April 2013
The team had a awesome weekend over at Johnsonville MX for TQRA round 3.. Granger went 1-1 to win A and had a solid 3-4 for 3rd finish in pro am behind the millers.. Thomas Coutee went 3-2 for 2nd overall in B and Kayla Blood went 3-3 for 3rd women's!! We are back to tear down and getting ready to head out to for KY Wednesday.. Baxley and Vossman were out at Cowboy Badlands Mx today for couple of motos!! Overall a great weekend 
  The team is locked and loaded and ready for round 3 of the TQRA series over at Johnsonville Mx!! Granger blew his race motor but is in the works of picking up another LTR while over in Dallas!! Jp coming on his Junior 23-34 win in Splendora is hoping to carry over his success!! Thomas will be coming out strong trying to win the B class with a talented group of riders... We are still in the works with who will be able to make it out this weekend, but the team can't wait to mix it up with the TQRA!! Next weekend we will be out in Kentucky for round 3 of the Mountain Dew Atv Nationals with Jp, Thomas and Wesley running B, and Granger running Pro am and A.. Tommy is still out with a wrist injury and should hopefully be back for round 4 of LSQR at BNC Mx Park!! 
  10 April 2013
The team had a killer weekend over at Splendora MX!!!!! Thomas, Kayla, and Jp took the overall in B, Junior (25-34), and womens!!! Granger went 2-2 for 2nd in A and dnf-3rd for 8th in pro am after a first moto tangle with Austin Wilson.. Johannah took a solid 3rd while Wesley went 8-6 for 7th of 11 in A... Tommy rolled B for points out with a broken wrist. The team had a great time over at Monster Energy Supercross over in Houston Saturday!! The team will be staying local this weekend training for two straight weekends of racing.. We will be out at Johnsonville Mx for TQRA round 3 the following weekend and Oakland Ky the weekend after for round 3 of the Mountain Dew Atv Nationals... Shoutout to our sponsors for keeping 2013 up and rolling!!!!! Be sure to check out our sponsors page for details...
  It's that time!!! MONSTER ENERGY SUPERCROSS!!! The team will be out in Splendora TX, racing round 3 LSQR but will be out in Houston Saturday for the show!! Teams locked and loaded and ready for gatedrop!!! 
  30 March 13
The team would like to wish everyone a happy Easter!!! We are prepping and ready for round 3 LSQR at Splendora Mx.. We had a great weekend of training last weekend over at 3 Palms Mx and putting in motos at out local tracks this weekend!! Vossman will not be 100 % with a fractured wrist but everyone else is healthy and ready to rip up in Splendora!!!!!
  22 March 2013
The team had a killer weekend racing near home in New Iberia LA!! From Thomas, Jp, Ronnie, and Kayla winning and points leaders of there respected classes, to Granger taking 3rd in A and Pro Am, the team dominated and is ready for round 3!! The team will be out in Texas this weekend training at Three Palms Mx.. Our plan is to make Round 2 of the Mountain Dew Atva Nationals coming up in April.. We will post another update closer to the race!! Be sure to check out our sponsors page and we want to shout out to all the team supporters for making 2013 possible!!!!

  15 March 2013
It's race time.. LSQR has come down to our home track here in Louisiana to host round 2!! The team is excited and ready to get on the gate!!! The team will be hosting a Saturday night crawfish and shrimp boil at the track!! Everyone come out for a great weekend and show some support!!!!!
  2 March 2013
The weekend is finally here!!! The team will home in Lafayette Louisiana for Monster Jam Quad Wars.. The team is ready for LSQR round 2 here in Louisiana and is hosting a crawfish and shrimp boil!!! Everyone try to make it out and we promise you guys it will be a blast!!!!!! Magic Hat Media's site is now up, be sure to check out Round 1 pics from Cowboy Badlands!!!
  26 February 2013
The team had a great season opener over at Cowboy Badlands Mx!! Jp, Thomas, and Ronnie took the overalls in there classes!! It was a great season opener and we look forward to round 2!!
20 February 2013
The opening round of LSQR is finally here. The team will be out in Beaumont TX at Cowboy Badlands Mx this weekend !!! We have been hard at work and training during the off season and the time has finally come to drop gate and roll!! Good luck and a safe ride to everyone for 2013!!
  17 February 2013
The team was out at Down South Mx this weekend getting a final ride in before gate drop next weekend in Beaumont at Cowboy Badlands Mx!!! Crazy twist to the weekend, Granger managed to blow top end on race bike and then goes and blows tranny on practice bike.. Gunna be a tough week over at Brian Motorsport's trying to get at least the race bike ready for the weekend!!! JP, Ronnie, Thomas, Kayla, Tommy, and Wesley are healthy and ready for the 2013 season!! We can wait to get out and start racing!! There are high chances of rain for the weekend so we may have a last minute trip to Ft. Worth for round 1 of the TQRA... 
  10 February 2013
The team had a sick weekend over at Three Palms Mx!! Training and ready for the 2013 LSQR SERIES!! With the last weekend of the off season upon us, we will be taking it easy this weekend and prepping for gate drop at Cowboy Badlands... Shout out to the 2013 sponsors and we are ready to get the ball rolling!! 
  7 February 2013
The team had blast out at Down South Mx this weekend.. Baxley and Jackson stayed home and got a ride in over at Three Palms Mx.. Everyone is looking fast and ready for the 2013 LSQR series and hopefully a handful of TQRA and National races.
  29 January 2013
The team had a solid weekend of training over at Splendora Mx!! Special thanks to Rage ATV and Joel Hetrick for helping us get around the track even faster!! 

We will be back training in Splendora the next few weekends before gate drop come the end of February!!
  24 January 2013
The team will be out training this weekend at Splendora Mx.. Everyone's back on their bikes and ready for round 1 at Cowboy Badlands..
  22 January 2013
The team would like to thank MX PRINTS for making our 2013 race gear look fresh!! Season opener is almost here!! Who's ready??

  20 January 2013
The team is out between Texas and Louisiana training hard for the 2013 season!! We can not wait to be on the starting gate!! Couple of changes for 2013 is Vossman running (Prod B.) Jp, Baxley, and Thomas running (Prod A)... Bikes are coming together and is looking to be a solid year!!!
  12 January 2013
The Team is out in San Antonio for a fun Saturday and Sunday of Monster Jam Quad Wars!! Thomas Coutee is back on the bike thanks to our sponsor KINGS ATV MX RACING OF TEXAS!! Bikes looking fresh!!! 
  7 January 2013
It's our favorite time of the year!! Monster Jam.. We are working on heading up for this weekends San Antonio show Friday and Saturday night.. We will also be out in Houston, Baton Rouge, and Lafayette!! Keep updated for dates and more info!! 
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